I absolute loathe having to distill my entire existence into anything resembling a bio.

Cover letters? Hate them. Personal Statements? Dread them. Answering the question “so what do you do?” Shoot. Me. Now.

I got my first job at 18 working as a sous-chef at a Thai restaurant. Since then I’ve worked as a waiter, an assistant at a catering company, a personal chef, a copy-writer, an Airbnb apartment manager, a Lyft driver, a personal assistant, and a health and wellness coach.

I like learning new skills, trying new things and expanding my horizons.

I can change my own tires.

I love road trips. Moonlight as an amateur dog photographer. And enjoy adapting recipes to make them deliciously nutritious.

I have two dogs.

A year ago I started a Meet Up group and discovered that other people actually like me. Go figure!

I’m fascinated by the way we define ourselves, how we seek out happiness, what drives people, what makes relationships work, why things are the way they are and how they might be different, maybe even better.

I think that celery is the worst thing that has happened to peanut butter since EVER. But I won’t deny you your right to eat them together.

I voted for Obama.

I think Bernie Sanders would be an amazing president.

I recently went skinny dipping for the first time in my life and it was just as liberating as I had always imagined.

I’m 5ft small (but my personality is tall).

If I write something that makes you feel less alone, less misunderstood, less judged, less different, something that challenges you to look at something from a different perspective, that helps you figure out what YOU believe rather than what you’ve been told to believe, then I have done what I came to do.

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